Leak detection and repair


If you are looking for leak detection services then Brama are the ones to contact. The US based company, established in July 1978 has been helping people who need professional help and advice concerning Plumbing and Heating problems. Our exclusive services have been appreciated by our vast clientele. And this is the simple reason why we get the best of leak detection work in New York.
Checks for leaks - in taps, pipes and dishwasher hoses are an easy way to reduce water wastage. Remember, one leaking tap can waste more than 2,000 liters per month. A major burst pipe - a relatively common plumbing problem - and a gushing flow of water in a fairly obvious location, water leak detection is not the difficult part, it is more a matter of ceasing the flow, and then to fix or replace the split. A not so obvious leaking pipe can water damage your property and furniture. Let the BramaPlumbing and Heating experts find the source of the broken water pipe and fix it immediately.

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